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1 Game

  • Each Game is Slotted for 60 minutes
  • 15 minutes Instruction and Practice
  • 45 minutes of Gameplay
What is Combat Archery?

Combat archery is a game that combines archery and dodgeball into a heart pumping battle experience. Visit our facility and enjoy a session of combat archery in our Jurassic themed arena. The Combat Archery arena is large enough to comfortably accommodate up to 16 players at one time.

Fun for Everyone!

On the Marshal's say both teams run the the centre of the arena, collect as many arrows as they can and run for cover. Players load their arrows and try to hit a player on the opposing team. You can dodge and hide behind our obstacles. When you get the chance you release your arrow and if you hit a player they are out…but be careful if they catch your arrow you are out!

Packages for groups large or small

Combat Archery Birthday Package

60 Minutes Of Archery Tag

Blacklight Party Room for 45 Minutes

Host for the entire event

Combat Archery Group Package

60 Minutes Of Archery Tag

Option of Blacklight Party Room for 45 Minutes

Gladiator Group Package

60 Minutes Of Archery Tag

2 Sessions of Laser Tag

Option of Blacklight Party Room for 45 Minutes

Thinking of doing Combat Archery?

Participation in Combat Archery requires a signed waiver!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age or height restrictions?

Glad you asked! Yes, we do have  an age restriction. To participate in Combat Archery all participants must be:

  • 10 years or older
Is there a Maximum Amount of People Allowed in a game?
How long is a session of Combat Archery?
Is there any required items to play?
Is it safe?


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